Acroyoga retreat in Bohemia

25.6. - 1.7. 2021

Can't wait to re-connect with people, your own body and LIFE?


Wanna gain new exciting skills while having fun with a group of playful like-minded enthustiasts?


Are you looking to enjoy a revitalizing stay in nature, treat yourself to delicious veggie food and come back home filled with joy?

That's exactly what I was longing for last year, when I got the feeling that I don't know how to live anymore in these new strange times. I needed something to bring me out of the monotony and back into the flow of life. I needed to treat myself to what my soul was craving for - heeling nature, energizing movement, company of enthusiastic like-minded people, and being taken care of for a week.

We went on an acroyoga retreat in Slovenian countryside and came back wonderfully re-charded. This experience made us glow with contentment for another few months 🤩

If you can relate to this, I've got something for you!
Let's kick off the summer 2021 together in the way we deserve.
Come recharge your bateries, move your body, play and laugh!

We invite you to Acroyoga retreat in Bohemia

You can look forward to

You'll come back

playful as a kitty, ready to live every day to the fullest

full of exciting impressions and experiences with new friends

self-confident with a new appreciation of your body

with new incredible skills that will spice up the whole summer (and many years to come) for you

full of energy and full of live!


will deliver the event to you?

Dorota Tomasz a Janko Marohnić - organizers and teachers of beginners

Acroyoga has been a super important part of your lives and relationship for the past 7 years. When we first got together we had no common interests and discovering  acro was like a breath of fresh air!

Not only were we amazed by all the crazy things we can do togehter and with our bodies, but also by how much fun it is! 

We love the playful side of acro and how it brings people together, as we experienced when travelling and joining acro communities.

We owe acro for many beautiful friendships, countless moments of pure joy and childlike excitement and a big personal growth.

We love bringing this magic of acroyoga to others and watching how much joy it brings. We're certified teachers of AcroYoga International. On our retreat we'll be showing the secrets of acro mainly to the beginners. As organizers we'll be taking care of all the participants and making sure you all have an amazing time on the retreat.

Kerstin Oschabnig a Uwe Sattelkow
advanced level teachers

Kerstin (Germany) a Uwe (Austria) are great circus level acrobats who have been teaching and performing together for many years. They founded together the Grazer Akrosphäre and organise an annual acro festival. It's amazing to watch the level of their mutual synchronization even in very advanced elements! Their great passion lies in icarians, pops and standing acrobatics, and they will come to teach us this exciting stuff at the retreat!

Check out this fascinating video from their performance to get tuned to their beautiful original style.

With Kerstin and Uwe you'll get a chance to work on exciting circus skills, polish up handstands and enhance the synchronization and flow with your partner.

Julie Růžičková
yoga teacher

Spinal yoga teacher and experienced physiotherapist who says:
"People often view their bodies as a machine - something that is there to serve according to our wishes, something separate from our mind. Only when something "breaks down", we start thinking how to "fix it". Practicing spinal yoga with elements of physiotherapy brings not only a complex system that makes our spine flexible and straightened, joints stable and mobile, breathing easy and stabilisation system active, but it mainly helps us understand the language of our bodies. Through the practice we improve our body awareness and ability to understand ourselves."

Marek Petráček a Gábina Havejová
multilevel teachers

Marek has been teaching acroyoga and building acro commumity in Czechia for 7 years. He holds courses, workshops and intensive retreats, teaching also handstands, thai massage and Movement flow. 

Gabi works as occupational therapist, so she has a deep knowledge of the human body and provides guidance towards healthy movement. Marek and Gabi are certified teachers of AcroYoga International. When teaching acro they want their students to have fun, learn about their bodies, improve movement coordination and learn to communicate.

Marek and Gabi will guide you in depth of acro yoga and will help you get to know your body better, so that you feel safe and confident. Beside acroyoga, look forward to their morning yoga and movement flow sessions, handstands, and thai massage to relax after the day.

Kateřina Kultová
-divine veg-chef

Katka is a chef that pours her heart into the food she prepares and you can taste it in the first mouthful. Not only does she cook healthy, nutritious food mainly from local, seasonal ingredients, but she also has a lot of experience cooking in renowned vegetarian restaurants, and is passionate about discovering new flavors and combinations. It's all makes for foods that are real masterpieces and every food break is like a little holiday 🙂

Your body will thank you not only for the movement theraphy, but also for nourishment with this delicious, healthy food!


to clear your schedule?

25.6. - 1.7. 2021

We will meet at the venue on Friday June 25th at 5pm and we'll say goodbye on Thursday July 1st after breakfast. That makes for 5 full days of diverse, fulfilling program!

Since we'll kick off the summer with this retreat, you'll be able to enjoy the new skills the whole summer - in a park, garden, or at the seaside 😉


are we going to live?

In the ecocenter Loutí, surrounded by beautiful nature

Ekocenter Loutí, located an hour drive from Prague, is a wonderful place, lovingly taken care of by hearty owners, who are deeply connected to the space and surrounding environment. We will be living in cosy maisonette (2-floor) rooms with balcony and private bathroom (2-3 beds per floor, 4-6 beds per room). Acro yoga practice and other activities will take place in spacious hall with high ceiling, and we can also practice outside on a meadow under two tall oak trees.

There is also a sweat lodge to relax at in the evenings, and a place for campfire where we can hang out togehter.


is it going to look like?

We will start each day with a gentle morning yoga or movement flow warm-up to wake up and energize the body.

During the day there will be acro yoga workshops for two levels of practicioners - beginners and advanced. We will adjust the content of the workshops to your experiences and skills (from basic positions to hand-to-hands and icarians). Workshops will be held simultaneously in English and Czech.

In the evenings we will relax at thai massage or gentle yoga sessions. Some evenings will be free - to enjoy the sweat lodge, firecamp, to hand out or just to have some time for yourself.

During the day we will have breaks to restore energy and enjoy the divinely delicious food made by Katka.

During our stay we will also go for a trip to a have swim in the nearby dam Slapy and enjoy views from the viewpoint Máj. Also, whenever you feel like, you're free to take a stroll around the woods and meadows we will be surrounded by and enjoy the beautiful Czech nature.

Illustrative daily schedule

8:00 - 9:00   Morning yoga

9:00 - 10:30   Breakfast

10:30 - 13:30   Acroyoga 

13:30 - 15:30   Lunch

15:30 - 18:30   Acroyoga

18:30 - 20:00   Dinner

20:00 - 21:00   Thai massage

At the acroyoga workshops you will be practicing in small groups, where you will spot and help each other. The groups will be formed according to the level of experience and the groups composition will be changing according to your needs and workshops content. There will always be people to practice with, acroyoga is a community practice. You are welcome to come to the retreat alone.


are we going to eat?

Varied, nutritious and divinely delicious plant-based food made by enthusiastic cooks with love towards food, cooking and nature. What is amazing about vegetarian food is that it gives you energy and nourishment while keeping you light, energetic, and ready to move!


is the investment into yourself?

Price of the retreat including accommodation (6 nights), full board of delicious vegetarian food and 5 full days of program is

540 EUR

Applications close on Tuesday June 15th at midnight

Invite your friends!

Apply in the group of 4 (or more) and get a discount of 60 Euro each! Each of you just needs to put the names of the other friends in the note field in the application form, and you're settled.

Reservation fee is 160 Euro, the rest you will pay right before the retreat.

The reservation fee is non-refundable, but you can transfer it to someone else.

Covid 19 refund policy: If the event gets cancelled due to the pandemic, or you get a positive Covid19 test before arrival, you will get a full refund.

To sum up:

This acroyoga retreat is for you if you:

  • want to learn acro yoga or advance your skills with great and experienced teachers
  • are craving for fun, laughter, playfulness, and childlike joyful wonder
  • find it important to take care of yourself and bring your dreams to life
  • want to treat yourself to revitalizing stay in nature and nourishing food
  • look forward to bringing back home an amazing new practice and skills that will keep you playing the whole summer and many more to come!

See you at the retreat!

Got some questions? Feel free to call or drop me a message!


phone: +420 777 580 518